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family lawyer counsellingWhen it comes to family law, not everyone is aware of how their expertise can be critical to resolving issues. The most notable reason for someone to acquaint themselves with a family attorney is when they’re about to file for divorce proceedings. This is why family law lawyers are often referred to as divorce attorneys. In terms of dealing with divorce issues, it is where a practitioner of family law have fundamental responsibilities in how the case is handled. It’s not the sole purpose of the service though, as there are many an area of family where the services are beneficial to clients. Divorce only taps the surface.

Anything and everything under the provision of family law, is naturally where the services will focus. That can be a number of areas, including

  • Putting prenuptial agreements in place prior to a marriage
  • Assisting with an adoption procedure during the marriage
  • Assisting in the divorce proceedings when a marriage doesn’t work out.

Of all the things family lawyers are known for, counselling is often the last thing people expect to hear on offer. That’s an area that family lawyers are able to aid couples when there are problems in the marriage. It’s also a requirement by law, that before a divorce proceeding can be filed, that an attempt be made by a family lawyer to assist clients put their differences aside and rationalise the problems facing a marriage, before putting the final steps in place and file divorce proceedings.

Avenues must be explored to the extent where divorce is the rational, conclusive answer to the problems a couple encountering.

When family lawyer’s in Manitoba are studying towards their law degrees, a specialist area of family law is taught in the courses. That’s to teach the practitioner on negotiation skills, alongside professional counselling techniques.

The core of the training is to equip the attorney with specialist training designed to equip them with the skills to handle couples in the most extreme of circumstances. All too often, the professional is the last course of action. By the time the divorce lawyer is contacted, emotions could have reached boiling point.

The superior training that’s been undertaken, equips the family law practitioner with the expertise, confidence and expert insight into dealing with the most complex of situations. The emotional temperature of clients will differ dependent on the circumstances they hired a lawyer for. It’s not always divorce remember.

There are happy times too that just require some expert guidance. Perhaps to arrange a legal representative to assist in an adoption process.

Further reasons you may need the services of a professional:

  • Child custodial issues

    When children are involved, divorce is extremely stressful for everyone involved. Especially the children. For custody of children, the seperation lawyer is able to assist in ensuring the custody of children is awarded to the most suitable parent who can care for them best.

  • Child Support Arrangements

    After divorce proceeding, there’s usually a lost income to the household. When children are involved, the family lawyer will work to ensure that a suitable child support allowance is in place to financially support the needs and welfare of each child.

  • Visiting rights to children

    Whilst a marriage may have come to a conclusion, it doesn’t end the relationships with children. Both parents and children need to continue a relationship, and that’s where a family lawyer can assist. Making suitable and agreeable arrangements for both parents and children to have quality time together.

  • Child adoption

    The process of adoption is a complex situation. That’s why family lawyers need to be involved for consultation and legal representation. Any paperwork involved in the process is best to be looked over by a family law practitioner, who can explain the fine print to clients ensuring they’re fully aware of the process and kept informed each step of the way.

  • Separating from partners

    As a family lawyer has a duty to help couples sort out differences, and try to recover a marriage prior to filing for divorce, one option they may use is to assist in a trial separation. This gives couples some time apart to come to terms with their emotions, and often it’s time that’s been needed to sort out inner problems, by recognising where the issues stem from.

  • Protection from abusive relationships

    For people who find themselves in a violent, or any kind of abusive relationship, a family lawyer can provide protection services by arranging for restraining orders to be granted, and provide you the security you deserve.

The above are only some example scenarios of areas that you could find yourself in need of a family lawyer. They always give equal representation to all parties, in all types of cases undertaken. In any instance of family law, clients have an abundance of emotional turmoil being encountered. That’s why it’s important to find a practitioner who works with empathy. That takes a special type of personality but it ensures that whatever emotions you’re experiencing, you’ll be able to discuss things with a trained and recognised professional, who can stay calm and speak rationally about the best solution to any problems you, and your family are encountering.

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