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Finding the Best Winnipeg Family Law Attorneys

marriage attorneyWhen you’ve legal concerns of a family nature, it’s not like you can simply pick up the phone, dial the operator and be patched through to the first lawyer that works in Family Legal issues to come up on the screen.


Every lawyer will be different. They all have specialties. Some are experts in criminal law, others it’s tax legislation, but for marital issues, and those of your kids, the expertise you need is with the family law representative.

Your Winnipeg separation attorney can go by two names. That’s the first one mentioned, and the other is the divorce lawyer. That’s another field a family law attorney can specialize in, but it’s just as important to know that every family attorney isn’t strictly tied to processing the legal documents for legal proceedings. A specialist in family law is also duty bound to assist with counselling. Which when you think about it, is only natural.

When you’re faced with challenging issues, raising legal concerns, you are bound to get that sense of depression, with the end of what used to be bliss marriage coming to an end, a sense of loneliness, and sometimes helplessness too. Those are all natural feelings to go through when family legal issues arise, and you don’t have to go through it alone.

With a good family lawyer, you have access to sound legal advice and counselling to help you through the legal process being dealt with. Your lawyer is a counselor to assist you through one of the most emotionally challenging times of your life.

Your lawyer is there to support, guide, and represent you from the beginning to end of any trials, or court action raised. When you’re down and need reassurances, that’s support you can get from calling your lawyers office, who can listen and reassure you of the process.

Winnipeg’s family lawyers, under legislation do have the authority and the qualifications to counsel clients during the course of their case.

One of the fundamental factors a divorce lawyer should have is in relation to their competitiveness pertaining to legal issues.

Follow these steps to find an exemplary attorney to assist you with your legal issues

  1. Research is up first

    The first thing to do when you need the perfect lawyer to represent you, with an expertise in family matters is to seek them out. You start that off by creating a list of lawyers who could help you, and are based in your local area, or a city nearby. Speak out to people and ask if they or anyone they know, know of a family lawyer they’d be comfortable to recommend. The ones that are recommended…put them to the top of your list.

    With your list constructed, background check every one on the list. It seems like a lot of work, but you aren’t doing this to establish if they’re registered or certified to practice in Winnipeg family law. Well, you are, but the main thing you’re looking for is the expertise of each attorney.

    Some will specialize in perhaps more narrow fields of law, such as child custody, rather than a service that you’re requiring assistance with.

    Run a check on each of the lawyers on your list, and jot down beside them what they’re expert field of domestic law is.

    To go further, add in the experience they have in the industry. Ideally, you want someone with a long working background in family law. That will give them the edge as they’re experience will be used to ensure that your case is presented thoroughly, with minimal wiggle room for a case to fall through.

    An experienced family lawyer in Winnipeg will be more knowledgeable in building a case to stand up in court, and gain the desired outcome they’re looking to accomplish on your behalf.

  2. Get a free consultation

    Chances are you’re list will have a few potential Winnipeg family lawyers you’ll want to explore your options with. The problem is that it can get expensive fast just paying for the consultations.

    At this stage, you’re still in the preliminary stages, so go with the free consultations first. Paying a fee is usually going to put new clients off. Reputable Manitoba family attorney, with a passion for helping families know this and will offer your initial consultation free of charge.

    It’s during this consult that you’re looking to present your case to the lawyer. This allows them to analyse the situation and advise on the course of action they’d recommend.

    This is also your opportunities to get all your questions answered.

    • How do you feel the flow of the case might go?
    • Do you feel this case has merit?
    • Can you provide an estimate on the budget required?

    These are example questions you may want to be asking. Apart from the last one about expenses. Clear that up first, as you don’t want a nasty surprise in the mail midway through court for a legal expense you can’t afford to pay.

  3. The best lawyers aren’t always expensive

    A misconception people make about family lawyers is that you get what you pay for. For the most part, the expectation is that the best representation comes from the family lawyer with the highest rates.

    Untrue and here’s why…

    Due to the high costs, it’s unlikely that they’re going to be extremely busy and come with a bucket load of in court experience. The best family lawyers are the best because of their experience.

    Because they have a passion for the work and help they offer their clients, the rates are kept affordable to keep them accessible to people who need their services most.

    The best family lawyers spend their time working cases for clients, rather than on marketing and advertising their services. It will take some time but patience will pay off in the end. Affordable services are available and they don’t lack quality. It’s just a bit longer to find them.

The short list of steps above may feel like a tedious amount of work to do to find a family lawyer, but when you do find the one that matches the criteria above, you’ll have a family lawyer who is second to none.

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