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Division Property Estate Lawyer Winnipeg As a team of family lawyers across Winnipeg, we can work to shed light on some of the most complex issues surrounding a divorce. Throughout any type of separation, the division of property and estate can be one of the most challenging legal matters. No matter how much wealth or how many assets that you own, you and your spouse will need to decide how the division of these assets will work. Working with a qualified legal team can make sure that your interests can be protected, leading up to separation or in handling the process of property and estate division.

Estate Dispute Lawyer

At our law firm in Winnipeg, we can make sure that these matters are resolved cost-effectively and efficiently. We can provide state dispute resolution services and help with the process of planning leading up to separation. If you are ever in need of assistance with resolving disputes or conflicts related to an estate, we offer a wide range of representation and mediation services.

Property Mediator

As a divison of property & estate lawyer in Winnipeg MB, we can work as an impartial party between you and your partner. We want to make sure that there are open lines of communication between all parties involved. Dividing an estate is never a simple process, and we need to make sure that agreements can be created to ensure you and your family can continue without any drastic quality of life changes.
If you want to protect your home or work at keeping your properties after a separation, contact us today. We can begin the process of mediation and determining an agreement that will assist you and your partner during the division of an estate.