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Palimony & Financial Support Lawyer Alimony is also regularly referred to as spousal support or maintenance. Alimony and financial aid are the legal obligations of an ex-spouse throughout the process of separation. There are many calculations and factors that go into the amount that is owed after divorce.

Financial Support Lawyer

Working with the financial support lawyer can be one of the best ways that you can apply all support guidelines throughout the negotiation process. Our legal team can assist you with representation and ensure that you can be awarded their spousal support. Spousal support typically falls within a set range for federal support guidelines.

We can assist with the process of calculating spousal support and child support with a specific range.

Palimony Attorney in Winnipeg

Our palimony & financial support lawyer in Winnipeg MB can help with the process of granting you spousal support. Whether you are just kidding out of a long-term marriage or you have children, we can make sure that there can be a set term of payments so that you can continue to provide a similar lifestyle to your family.

We can determine if you qualify for spousal support and then perform all calculations in negotiations to learn the process for awarding your support. Whether you have been in a common-law relationship or married for decades, you could qualify for some form of support for your family. Allow our alimony attorneys to negotiate spousal support and to assist with your separation.
Our team can assist with all matters related to family law and ensure that alimony and financial support could even be handled outside of the traditional courtroom. We want to ensure that you can maintain your lifestyle and move on with your life.