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Foster Parent Lawyer Winnipeg Our team focuses on evidence for the representation of guardians to foster care organizations. As the relationship between a parent and their child can be one of the most supportive in our lives, maintaining these fundamental relationships outside of foster care can be paramount. If your children have been taken by the children’s aid Society or into another foster care organization, we can help you fight for your relationship.

Foster Care Lawyer

As professional foster parent and care lawyers in Winnipeg MB, we can handle the grave nature of a child protection precedent and dealt with the fundamental rights that are at stake. Giving you access to representation and legal advice to make sure you can navigate a foster care trial is vital to reducing your stress levels.

Foster Care and Family Law

Our foster care and family law process treat any parents with full respect and dignity. We want to provide ongoing procedural fairness and ensure that the best interests of children can be met. We can help you navigate all sides of the trial and make sure that you can present a quality case during any foster care proceedings.

If you feel that you can demonstrate a safe environment to raise your children, and you would like to build a case to gain future access to your children outside of foster care, contact us today. We can begin the process of building your case and working as negotiators between you and a foster agency. By providing ongoing support to parents throughout these problematic cases, we can ensure that you will be armed with all relevant knowledge moving into each step of a trial.