Child Relocation

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Child Relocation Lawyer Winnipeg The process of child relocation can be one of the most challenging cases to handle in family law. Although it can be quite crucial for several parents to be involved in raising a child, some parents may have to move or change custody agreements based on their changing lifestyle. When a parent currently has custody of a child, and there is a need to modify custody agreements, a challenging case may present itself for the official reason for the relocation of a child.

Child Relocation Attorneys

A suitable child relocation lawyers in Winnipeg MB can assist in a situation whereby a child wants to move, or a parent needs to run a child based on a previously agreed-upon custody arrangement. Courts will typically consider items like the wishes of a child, the difficulty of the move or custody agreement change, compensation to children that could be required, the involvement that each parent may want in their child’s life, and the reasons for relocation.

Winnipeg Child Relocation

As Winnipeg child relocation specialists, we can work out solutions to the process of mediation or decide on a solution that will work for the best interest of your child or a reduction in overall support. We can assist with finding many solutions to help you resolve a situation of child relocation.
If you find yourself facing a battle or mediation for child relocation cases, contact our attorneys in Winnipeg today. We want to help you explore your options in any type of family law or child relocation case.