Child Protection & Apprehension

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Child Protection Lawyers Winnipeg Manitoba law works to promote the best interests for the well-being and protection of children. Throughout a separation, the law works to promote the interests of the child by making sure that a child can grow up in a stable environment.

As a parent, it is your duty to your child and legally to protect your family from harm as well as provide any basic needs. Various of Doherty’s, including the children’s aid Society, may intervene to provide support to your family if it deems that your child’s needs are not being met.

In stressful situations where your family has been deemed as producing a nonsupportive environment for your children, there is a chance that there could be a significant concern for your child’s safety in which a social agency may intervene.

A child protection case may open up if you have previous experience where a social agency like the CAS has taken your children if you’ve been deemed to have a severe alcohol or drug problem if you are homeless and unable of keeping a safe environment for your children to live or if you are experiencing extreme instability for emotional or mental health.

Child Protection Family Law

Under child protection and family law, we can make sure that you are well represented. Whether your child has been taken as a result of a ruling on the part of a social agency or they are currently in foster care, we can make sure that you have representation to help get them back.

Our team specializes in child protection and apprehension cases, we can represent your current state and assist with getting your child back.

Child Apprehension Lawyer

Contacting a child protection / apprehension lawyer in Winnipeg MB is essential if your child has been removed. Seeking legal advice right away and making sure that you can find a lawyer with experience in child protection law can be essential to retaining the rights to your children again.