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Child custody Lawyer Winnipeg When there are children involved with any type of separation case, every parent has equal responsibility and right to have a hand in raising that child. Having a corresponding right to make decisions about care for children as well as sharing custody is essential. Parental rights and responsibilities need to be appropriately divided, and in the case of a divorce or separation, arrangements need to be made for access and child custody.

If you are considering a separation or divorce, working with a skilled lawyer for your child custody and for drafting your access rights can make sure that you can preserve your interests and reasons to be in your child’s life.

Child Custody Lawyers

As professional child custody lawyers in Winnipeg MB, we want to help you make the most critical decisions for care and for the upbringing of your child. The process of custody can help you access the right to make decisions like education programs, medical treatment, school, and even religion. By maintaining your right to care, you can make sure that you have a productive relationship in the future of your child.

Child Custody Attorney Winnipeg

Our child custody attorney in Winnipeg can help you to develop a custody agreement or access that will work for you and your family. We work as professional mediators, and we can determine whether you could enjoy better access with sole custody, joint custody, shared custody, or split custody. We can establish a unique custody agreement that will suit the needs of your family and make sure that you can continue to care for your child.
To find out more about custody and access and how it may relate to your family, contact us today for more on access and child custody in relation to your family.