Child and Family Services (CFS)

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Many parents would suggest that one of their worst fears is the idea that they could lose their child. A number of agencies across Canada have been developed with the intention of keeping children’s best interests in mind. Some of these organizations can promote child abuse investigations and make it difficult for parents to protect the rights of their children. When child and family service workers are performing an assessment, this can be a particularly stressful time. If you want to protect your rights and the rights of your children, contact us immediately.

Child and Family Services Winnipeg

As professional legal representatives and Child & Family / CFS Lawyers in Winnipeg MB we work with child and family services across Winnipeg. We understand the requirement for these organizations, and we applaud their ability to protect children from experiencing tough circumstances. Many families can, unfortunately, fall victim to false complaints from meddling parties, friends, doctors, school officials, and more.
We want to ensure that we can guide parents through the process of addressing concerns from these agencies. We can work to find appropriate services for your family to take control and avoid intervention when required.


We understand CFS law as real experts in family law. We want to listen to the circumstances of your situation and determine if investigations were appropriate as a course of action for your case. We can coordinate with doctors, therapists, and a full team of legal professionals to prove your custody and means.

Contact us today if you are concerned with maintaining your rights in a parent and child relationship.

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