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Prenutpial agreement Lawyer Winnipeg In any type of marriage contract, coming to an agreement is essential. Having terms that could prepare you for a future divorce or separation can provide you with a predictability in the settlement and make sure that you can avoid a planned process in court.

Prenuptial agreements or marriage contracts can be entered into before or during the marriage. Prenuptial agreements can also be drafted for cohabitation. Marriage contracts need to fit a couple’s particular circumstances. Every prenuptial agreement will be different, and it will depend on the respective deals that a couple may want to make regarding children, assets, finances, and more.

Prenuptial Agreement Mediator

As prenuptial agreement attorneys in Winnipeg MB, we can assist with mediation services to help you divide perspective obligations. Contracts for prenuptial agreements will handle a set list of conditions that could occur as a result of separation or death, the dissolution of your marriage, annulment, or breaking a cohabitation agreement. A mediator can assist with the process of helping you determine a fair division for a property, their support obligations, division of custody, and access to children, and more.

Prenuptial Lawyers

If you would like to prepare for a potential separation and make sure that you can be covered during cohabitation or for an upcoming marriage, contact us today. We can handle the process of prenuptial agreements or marriage contracts across Winnipeg. Save yourself and some family unneeded expense and stress by making sure that there is an agreement in place for a prenuptial agreement. We can help you and your partner come to an understanding and make sure that every aspect of your responsibilities can be divided appropriately.