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Cohabitation Agreement Lawyer Winnipeg A cohabitation agreement is a domestic contract that can be drafted between two people that are intending to cohabitate or two unmarried people that are currently cohabitating. These contracts can be handy tools for managing the rights and obligations of an individual during the time that the parties will be living together as well as how matters will be settled if the parties decide to separate.

A cohabitation agreement can help save unneeded stress and potentially legal costs by handling the division of property, support obligations, and several other matters that could be agreed on in the contract from parties. The only element that a cohabitation agreement is unable to cover is access to children. These obligations cannot be decided until the couple decides to officially separate.

Cohabitation Mediator

Working with a skilled cohabitation agreement attorney in Winnipeg MB can ensure that you can decide on the critical issues for separation and throughout your relationship. A mediator can help to understand what is important to each side and help you go through a number of items you may have missed or not considered during your separation. By working to find an agreement that will work on the drafted contract, a cohabitation mediator can ensure that your cohabitation agreement can be completed with the best interest in the mind of each party.

Cohabitation Agreement Manitoba

Any cohabitation agreement in Manitoba that is drafted before marriage will be considered a marriage contract after the parties have decided to marry. Working with a lawyer can be especially beneficial with a cohabitation agreement. All parties can come to an agreement on their own, but working with a lawyer for cohabitation agreement can prevent the event of a dispute and ensure a more thorough contract process.

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