About Us

We specialize in online, search engine and social media marketing for Winnipeg businesses and are growing this website to capture potential clients and prospects for a Manitoba based Family Law firm or attorneys.

Are you a Family Law professional looking for more clients?

Our websites are moving up the rankings in all the most popular search engines and we are receiving a lot of traffic looking for the services you provide. The sites will continue to grow and evolve over time to capture more and more potential visitors that you could be converting into your business. If you would be interested in discussing the amount and origins of the Winnipeg and Manitoba based traffic we receive each day looking for a Family Lawyer in Winnipeg online, feel free to use our contact form or phone us at 204-960-0935.

Hyper targeted Family Law Clients within Google, Yahoo, and Bing

We are moving up quickly and will maintain top rankings for many of the most popular keywords and phrases that people in Winnipeg search for on their computers and phones when looking for a Family Lawyer or firm. This type of traffic is ultra-specific and the implied value of such targeted leads should be obvious to you. We are also growing a social media presence and other web properties targeted at obtaining legal service related prospects

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Lease or Purchase our traffic & visitors

We are looking to lease this website and the qualified leads to an individual or business. The site will be completely redesigned to promote and show off your organization in a professional way. Advertising spots can also be bought and the sale of the entire web property could be negotiated if you do not wish to rent on a month to month basis (visitors and site size grows month over month so we rather rent then sell)

It will be very evident to a business minded person what a potential asset hundreds to thousands of more eyeballs to your business or brand each year could have on your bottom line, so move in before someone else does.

Promotion and Advertising of your Current Website:

We are also willing to work with 1 or 2 clients per specialization to help them achieve top positions with Google, Bing, Yahoo, social media, across other web platforms and in various other ways.

Use our contact page or phone 204-960-0935 to discuss