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family attorneysDuring the times when people are searching for the viable services of a family lawyer, most will have an incline as to some of the questions they’ll be asking during their consultation. As with any service you’re considering, you’ll have some general questions requiring answers.

The same is true for hiring a family lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Just like no two people are molded the same, it applies to lawyers too. You won’t find two lawyers who are exactly the same. They all have varying experience, different backgrounds, and different areas of expertise. Family law is a diverse range of issues and not every lawyer is experienced in each of the fields. Neither will be equally competent in their abilities, nor will their confidence be on the same level.

To find the right lawyer to suit your circumstances, searching is a requirement so you know you’re working with someone who’s the right fit to meet your needs.

As you read on, you’ll discover the four, not to be missed questions, that should always be put to a family lawyer, prior to undertaking their services. It will help you establish the best representative to suit your personal situation.

  1. How long have you been actively practicing family law?For some, this question can be awkward to ask, and sometimes it’s awkward for the lawyer to answer. There are occasions when the lawyer could have been practicing family law for 20+ years, but yet the practice you see them in hasn’t been established that long.Just because a family attorney is new to a practice, doesn’t equate to them not working in the field of family law. It could be that they’ve an extensive history with another firm, and decided to part ways for their own reasons.

    This questions helps lay the ground for a casual conversation where you can get to know the history of the family lawyer you’re speaking too. It will develop a rapport between you both.
    Whatever the answer is to the question, remember it as you may want to bring it up later in your conversation if something sounds off, or catches you off guard.

  2. What experience to do you have in ___ area of family law?

    At this stage, you’re bringing in a specific aspect of family law that’s important to the services you need. Since no two lawyers are the same, and have various sectors of family law to specialize in, they may not be right for you.By asking them about the area that you’re in need of assistance with, this question will let you both know if you’re right to work with each other. If the divorce lawyer is more experienced, or perhaps more confident in another area of the family legal issuas, they will usually advise when you ask this question.

    For the most part, family attorneys with a specialist subject will work within family law practices. That can consist of various family lawyers, all with their own specialist subject. In this case, the question you’ve put across, could lead you to being referred to an attorney who has the expertise that you need to help your case.

  3. Do you have any references, thank-you cards, or testimonials from your past clients?

    Again, an awkward question to ask but for the most part, excellent seperation lawyers are proud of the work they do, and their past clients are only happy to give endorse them. That may be with a simple thank-you card, a complimentary review online, or a personal thank-you letter from a happy client. You will probably find that endorsements within the office may be out-dated. That’s normal for family law lawyers, as it’s the endorsements they use early on in their careers, until they’ve developed a name and reputation for themselves. After that, they tend to stop encouraging clients to pass on their experiences for the benefit of others.

    They’re reputation will usually speak volumes about their expertise.

  4. If you were to put an estimate on past “similar” case success rates, what percentage would that be?

    Remember to use the word similar in that question when you put it forward. The reason is that ther’’s never two cases going to be identical. Take divorce cases as one example. One couple may decide to file for divorce prior to starting a family, whereas the other couple could have two children, a rabbit, and a dog. Who gets custody of what? Every case a family lawyer deals with will be handled differently, due to the variation to personal circumstances. When the lawyer is answering this question, it will be brief. They can’t go into the details and discuss their clients business without their consent. That’s unethical and not good business practice. Therefore, the information will be more a hypothetical response based on a similar case to your own circumstances.

All the questions above are designed to help you establish a trusting relationship with the family attorney you’re looking to work with. It all boils down to trusting the family lawyer you hire. The questions above help you establish that. The trust needs to be established with the family lawyer you’re hiring, so you can be sure that they’ll always act in your best interests.

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